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Easy Ways to Keep Your Home ?Ready to Show? when Listing Your Home for Sale

December 22, 2017

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home ?Ready to Show? when Listing Your Home for Sale

So, you’ve listed your home for sale — or maybe you’re thinking about it.

I’m sure one of the questions that you may be asking yourself is…

“How do I keep my home clean and ready to show to buyers—while we are still living here?”

Here are a couple of tips from the pros

  • Ask all family members to participate.
  • Create a checklist of what needs to be put away in their rooms every morning.
  • Lightly clean your home every day.
    • Vacuum or sweep
    • Clear all counter tops in kitchen and bathrooms
    • Wash dishes daily
    • Empty trash cans
    • Put baking soda in your garbage disposal
    • Hide laundry in washing machine or dryer
  • Purchase boxes and store seasonal clothing to make the closets look roomier.
  • Purchase plastic bins and store additional stuff under the beds.
  • Lock away your personal and financial papers (or move them to another location).
  • Sweep outside patios and entryways.
  • Water plants/shrubs.
  • Cut the lawn more frequently.

When a potential buyer wants to view a home, they usually want to do so right away — and not 2 days from now!

Having it “show-ready and show-quickly,” with a list of things to do every day during the listing period, will help relieve the franticness of having to clean at the last minute.

What other things would you like to share about how to keep your home show-ready?

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