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A Little Green Savings

March 16, 2021

A Little Green Savings

Just a Little Green

Make it a personal goal to start saving the green by this Saint Patrick’s Day. When we hear the word “green” we seem to always think of money and stacks of cash. It only takes a little green to start your savings plan and TVFCU can help you save along the way.

Where’s your green?

Get ready for that dreaded word, "budget". I know it sounds impossible to achieve but even the simplest budget can help you determine just where your money is going each month. You cannot cut spending or find that extra cash until you realize where your hard-earned money is being spent. You will also need to write down your monthly income after taxes have been deducted. Sit down right now and make a list of your monthly expenses including housing, utilities, groceries, entertainment, etc. Do you see any problems in your spending habits? Do you go out to dinner a lot or order expensive takeout? Are you wasting a lot of electricity or buying groceries in bulk and wasting a lot of food?

After finding out the problem areas you can begin to cut back and apply that extra green to your savings. TVFCU has an excellent and easy to use Savings Goal Calculator that can help you get started and keep saving into a share account. Go to that Savings Account Caculator Here.

Green Fun Facts

By the way, did you know the color green has been used in U.S. federal currency since 1861 and the Civil War? In order to prevent these bills from being counterfeited, their back sides were printed with green ink made from palm juice. This earned the nickname, “greenbacks” and made the U.S. dollar instantly recognizable around the world.

Also, it was the color blue, not green, that was the color most associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. This was a long time ago. Green gained in popularity throughout the years after hearing the phrase, “The wearing o’ the green,” meaning to wear a shamrock on your clothing. Did you know that 12% of all Americans have some type of Irish heritage? And here is a really cool fact. Saint Patrick was not Irish at all. He was from Wales. Speaking of Saint Patrick, he is said to have driven all the snakes out of Ireland. However, since the Ice Age, Ireland has never had any snakes.

How TVFCU Can Help

We hope our members are able to see this as a perfect opportunity to build their savings and put some "greenbacks" back into Savings for a later date. See which option suite your goals at https://www.tvfcu.com/personal/personal-savings

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