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At Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU), we do the worrying for you. We have established strict security standards, which provide protection for your credit union accounts.

Security Overview

Below is a general overview of the precautions taken to ensure that your use of YOUR$ digital banking is safe and secure. 

Using the YOUR$ digital banking log in is safe, since your user ID and password are transmitted via a secure session established between your browser and our systems. Your information is encrypted using a 128-bit encryption algorithm and sent to our systems for authentication into YOUR$ digital banking. Please note that TVFCU never transmits your information without encrypting it first.


In order to use our online services, you must have a user ID and password. Your YOUR$ digital banking password is the key to unlock your financial information. TVFCU employees do not have access to your password. If your password is entered incorrectly three times at the login page, your account will be locked out. You will then need to contact TVFCU to be authenticated and unlocked, or to have a new password sent. 

To maintain high levels of security, the following recommendations have been established for selecting a password: 

  • Do not select a password that is easily known by others
  • Do not give your password to anyone
  • Do not auto save your password in your browser


We require the use of a secure browser to access your account online. Your browser must be equipped with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 128-bit or higher encryption to communicate with our servers.

Network Security & Monitoring

We use many layers of security to provide added protection, rather than a single layer such as a firewall. This places multiple barriers between the outside world and our business-critical information resources. We do use firewalls, but we also use intrusion detection systems to protect TVFCU’s online banking and other networks from unauthorized traffic. All network activity accessing our business-critical systems is logged, monitored and audited continuously.

Session Cookies 

Our internet servers use session cookie technology to ensure account confidentiality and security. A cookie is a temporary object that allows you to browse within password-protected areas of our web site. The cookie is only valid during your current login session and is automatically discarded after periods of inactivity or log off.

Virus Scans

We use several layers of virus detection software. This software scans our network to detect any virus activity that may be introduced. Our email servers also provide the same protection, scanning each incoming document. 

Browser, OS and Platform Requirements

We support current version of the following browsers: 

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Due to the amount of browsers and operating systems on the market today, we are unable to test and support all versions. Other platforms may be compatible, but optimal viewing may be impaired. This list was based on the most popular browsers used to view this site.

Video Banking

Thank you for contacting tvfcuLIVE Stream.

Video Banking is currently closed, but please check back during our business hours to speak with a tvfcuLIVE Stream Personal Consultant.