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TVFCU offers smart locker pick-up for our members, installed at three convenient locations:

Hixson, North Cleveland, and Hamilton Place branches.

[Each branch has 10 lockers to utilize.]

“What does this mean”, you might ask? We are taking a step to be even easier to do business with. Members will now be able to call ahead and pick up items even if our lobbies are closed. Our process is very similar to some of the other brand names around town. If you have ever purchased anything with a locker pick up program through a code sent to you, our lockers are very similar to this process.

“How will it work”, you might ask? If there is anything a member needs to pick up but is unable to make it during lobby hours, or just would rather use the locker system, they will select the participating branch they would like to visit, the staff at that particular branch will place the item(s) into a locker, and the member will be emailed a code. Once they arrive at the selected branch, the member will go to the locker system located in the breezeway of the branch and enter their code on the touch screen. Their designated locker will pop open at that point and they can retrieve their item(s).

So, what can and cannot go in the lockers?

Below are some examples of what we CAN put into lockers for pick up:

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Money Orders
  • Instant issue debit cards and ATM cards/ For debit card activation/ PIN change, call 1-800-992-3808
  • Membership Documents
  • Loan Documents
  • Statement Requests
  • TVFCU store items
  • Gift Cards
  • Travel Money Cards


At this time, we CANNOT put the following items into lockers for pick up:

  • Cash
Video Banking

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