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Local Merchant Discount Network

Join the free TVFCU Perks Savings program, powered by BaZing; A discount network to draw in new customers and keep them coming back.




Advertise your business for free as part of the network in exchange for providing an ongoing, exclusive discount. Customers using the TVFCU Perks Savings mobile app; powered by BaZing are members of the credit union that allow them access to special discount offers in the community.
Customers use the exclusive TVFCU Perks Savings mobile app; powered by BaZing mobile app to access discounts based on their locations. At the point of sale, they simply show a mobile coupon to receive the discount. Customers can also print a paper coupon at
Simply log in to your online TVFCU Perks Savings mobile app; powered by BaZing merchant account to add new discounts or edit your existing offers. This gives you the power to make the best offers for your business. You can set your own limitations, terms, or exclusions to any discounts you provide.

TVFCU Perks Savings Mobile app; Powered by BaZing

A number of local merchants offer discounts in the Tennessee Valley region for TVFCU members with TVFCU Perks Platinum, TVFCU Perks Plus and TVFCU Perks checking accounts.

For the most up to date listing of deals in your area, download the TVFCU Perks Savings Mobile App or log in on your desktop, powered by BaZing, and take advantage of your local savings opportunities.

Never miss a deal with the free TVFCU Perks Savings mobile app; Powered by BaZing 

Available in the App Store and Google Play by searching "TVFCU Perks"

Log In on desktop and view discounts and savings at

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