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Welcome to 'Know Your Dough': finacial education video series. 

Credit Score and Loans: Learn how the TVFCU's lenders look beyond the three digit number to know the borrower and understand what their journey has been up to their current point. Develop a better understanding of your interest rates and loans available to you thorugh TVFCU. 


Spending Plan vs. Budget: TVFCU explains how wording can play a role in your savings mindset. TVFCU has found the word budget tends to hit people negatively. However, 'spending plan' is thought to induce a less restrictive perspective. Learn how to structure your plan by categorizing and prioritizing your expenses. 



Owning vs. Renting a Home: TVFCU sheds light on the many ways we can help more members of our community become homeowners. How to improve credit, save for a down payment, and the benefits of owning vs. renting. 

Welcome to the TVFCU Personal Finance Education Portal.

With this video, participants will gain valuable financial insights from a trained Credit Union Financial Counselor.

Download and print our Personal Finance Worksheet to determine your strengths and areas of improvement while you follow along with this course.




Resources can be found within TVFCU regarding several of the topics covered in this personal finance training course.

Personal Savings (Share) Account

Retirement/ Investing

Savings Goal Calculator Tool

Fraud Education - Protect Against Identity Theft


Video Banking

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