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Direct Deposit

Build your balance automatically. Have all or part of your check deposited into your account every pay period. Contact us to add this convenience today.

Payroll Deduction

Pay bills on time — every time. If your employer offers direct deposit, you can take advantage of payroll deduction to have almost any recurring monthly expense automatically deducted from your account. Contact us to learn more

Overdraft Protection

We all make mistakes, but not all mistakes need to cost you. All our checking accounts offer overdraft protection, so you can avoid those annoying insufficient funds fees (NSF). Transfer funds from any of your TVFCU deposit accounts or use a convenient line of credit — just let us know and we’ll set it up for you.

Wire Transfers

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union can assist members in sending both domestic and international wire transfers. Please visit one of our branches to utilize this service.

Surcharge-Free ATMs

Some banks make people pay for their money. That won’t happen to you at TVFCU. We’re part of the CO-OP Network, giving you access to over 30,000 ATMs all across the country — all free of surcharge fees. Use the CO-OP locator to find a free ATM near you.

Phone Banking 

Your money is just a phone call away — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With Choice24 telephone banking, you can perform most credit union transactions from the comfort of home, a hotel or anywhere else you can find a touch-tone phone. 

Have your Choice24 PIN ready and call 423-634-3600 locally or 800-634-3600 nationwide. Want to skip through the menu? View the Choice24 Call Flow.

Video Banking

Thank you for contacting tvfcuLIVE Stream.

Video Banking is currently closed, but please check back during our business hours to speak with a tvfcuLIVE Stream Personal Consultant.