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Welcome Educators and Friends.

What a year it is shaping to be. Our hope is to assist with virtual curriculum and make it as easy as possible to present, share, and discuss with your students. Below is the virtual video series BizKids. We've taken care of the cost because we want financial education and literacy to be available to everyone. You may click on any video to view it larger. It's privately streamed, therefore you should not have any interruptions. Additionally, you have a corresponding lesson plan for each episode. This is an electronic PDF which can be shared via URL link and/or downloaded.

We hope you enjoy!


BizKids Videos

Lesson Plans

How to Achieve Your Financial Goals

Lesson Plan 110

Saving and Investing for Your Future

Lesson Plan 118

Bulls Bears and Financial Markets

Lesson Plan 121

Understanding Your Paycheck

Lesson Plan 125

Financial Institutions- All the Same?

Lesson Plan 204

How Credit Affects Your Life

Lesson Plan 205

Are You Financially Literate?

Lesson Plan 301

Wheel of Misfortune

Lesson Plan 302

Debt; The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Lesson Plan 402

What's Up with the Stock Market

Lesson Plan 404

Scam a rama

Lesson Plan 407

The Value of Money

Lesson Plan 408

What's in the Books

Lesson Plan 507

College Bound

Lesson Plan 602

My First Credit Card

Lesson Plan 603

The Road to Financial Freedom

Lesson Plan 606


Visit TVFCU's Financial Education video series "Jed Talk"


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