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Before opening the Community Application at the bottom of this page, please thoroughly review this page to understand how we approach and award sponsorships.

At TVFCU, we strive to enhance our members' lives and support people across our 17-county service area. We are committed to playing an active role in the communities we serve and, as part of this, we sponsor and participate in important local events, programs and initiatives.

In order to ensure our efforts benefit the community and directly support our mission as an institution, we have identified four primary areas of focus that guide our selection process and help us participate in truly meaningful sponsorships.

Primary Areas of Focus

We primarily participate in sponsorships that fit at least one of the categories below. As you submit a sponsorship request, please identify how your organization, program and/or event fits these areas of focus.


Financial Literacy

In order to support financial health and economic well-being, we focus on initiatives and programs that promote financial literacy and wise monetary practices. In addition to the ample industry experience our employees possess, several TVFCU employees have completed training to become Certified Credit Union Financial Counselors, through the Credit Union National Association, to better serve members. We also support organizations that provide scholarships.



Community-Wide Initiatives

TVFCU seeks to work with organizations that are dedicated to improving the welfare of our community along with improving people’s overall quality of life. These may include holiday celebrations, parades, local fairs, outdoor festivals, music events and more.




TVFCU is dedicated to fostering a community where entrepreneurs and innovators thrive. We also want to support local economies where we serve. In addition to our Idea Leap Loan and Idea Leap Grant programs, which have injected over $5 million into the local small business ecosystem, TVFCU supports several partners in this area.



DEI (Diversity, equity, inclusion)

At TVFCU, we are committed to supporting organizations that reflect the diverse communities we serve. With an unwavering desire to be a leader in diversity and inclusion, we work with a variety of organizations that bolster a culture of innovation, empowerment, economic mobility, equity and inclusion.


Guidelines for Support


Requirements for Support

  • Sponsorships will only be awarded to qualified nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations with 501(c)(3) status
  • Organizations requesting support must be located within and serve the residents of TVFCU's 17-county service community
  • Requests must be received at least 45 days prior to the event
  • With rare exceptions, TVFCU will only participate in one sponsorship with any given organization each calendar year
  • Please list any affiliation you have with TVFCU when you apply

Note: In some instances, TVFCU will provide a giveaway item (or items) instead of a cash sponsorship. These are typically granted for inclusion in gift bags or for use as a door prize or auction item.




We will not consider funding any request for the following:

  • Operating or administrative costs
  • Any group that represents a conflict of interest for TVFCU
  • The promotion of religious beliefs
  • Individual or team travel or competition costs
  • Direct contributions to individuals or families
  • Contributions to political/partisan endorsements
  • Classroom field trips
  • Any group which is not qualified as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization as specified by the Internal Revenue Code
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, religion, gender, etc.
  • TVFCU only engages in sponsorships and will not issue monetary donations



Please submit your request using the Community Application at least 45 days prior to your event start date.

  • All organizations seeking support are required to complete the online Community Application. Telephone, fax, mail, in-person and email requests will not be accepted
  • The sponsorship review process may take up to 30 days as requests are reviewed at the beginning of each month
  • After your sponsorship request has been reviewed, you will be contacted via email or phone

Denial of qualified organizations is not a judgement on the worthiness of the requestor. TVFCU cannot fulfill all sponsorship requests due to limitations surrounding budget, timing and other factors.

Video Banking

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