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Bringing home the bacon is just part of the financial equation. The other part — and perhaps the most important — is managing those finances. This page is jam-packed with financial resources to help you best manage your hard-earned money. 

Account Numbers Simplified

When you opened your savings account with Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union, you became a shareholder of the not-for-profit credit union. With your membership, we issued you a member number. This number, up to seven digits, is used as your base account number for all of your TVFCU accounts. Suffixes, or two numbers at the end, are added to indicate the account type.

Use your member base account number when conducting business with TVFCU. However, additional identifiers are needed for outside direct deposit transactions. These identifiers — routing number, account number type and full account number — are necessary to ensure your funds are deposited correctly.

Direct Deposit

What information is needed for a direct deposit?

  1. Routing number
  2. Account number type
  3. Full account number

I realize that I need my base account number to determine my full account number. But I don’t remember my base account number. What should I do?

If you do not know your base account number, please visit a TVFCU Branch and bring a non-expired, government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license or state-issued ID. For security purposes, TVFCU will not give base account numbers out over the phone.

Routing Number

What is TVFCU’s Routing Number?

The routing number (RTN or ABA Number) is a nine-digit code that specifies the financial institution. Think of it as a bank’s or credit union’s account number. TVFCU’s routing number for all transactions is 261375684.

Account Type 

How do I identify my account number type?

The suffix, or two numbers at the end, is added to your base account number to indicate your checking or loan account. The suffix for checking and loan accounts varies by account. It is important that you inquire about your suffix if you do not know it to ensure your direct deposit funds are routed to your correct account.



What is my full nine-digit savings account number structure? 

Your full nine-digit savings account number is your base number, plus leading zeros. The example below was created using a six-digit base account number. Adjust the number of zeros according to your base account number. Just remember that all savings account numbers have nine digits and do not have a suffix. It is important to remember NOT to include “00” after your share/savings account. There is no suffix for your savings account.  



What is my full 12-digit checking account number structure?

Your full 12-digit checking account number is your base number, plus leading zeros, a checking suffix and a randomly selected check digit. The example below will help you understand the structure. However, please remember that the checking suffix and randomly selected check digit vary by account. 


How can I obtain my full checking account number?

  • Look at the bottom of your checks
  • Visit a TVFCU Branch
  • Call the TVFCU Call Center at 800-634-3600, give your base account number and answer a series of security questions 

Can I find my checking account number in tvfcuONLINE?

For security purposes, your full account number is not featured in tvfcuONLINE. However, you can use this tip to help you identify your checking suffix and check digit. When you log into tvfcuONLINE, look at your masked, or shortened, account number in the upper left corner of your checking account summary box. The last five digits are shown. The first two are the last digits of your checking account number. The next two are your checking suffix with the last number being your randomly selected check digit. Use this information and the checking account structure above to identify your full account number. 




What is my full 11-digit loan account number structure?

Your full 11-digit loan account number is your base account number, plus leading zeros and the loan suffix. To obtain your loan suffix, you can look at your shortened account number in the upper left corner of your loan account summary box in tvfcuONLINE. The last four digits are shown. The first two are the last digits of your loan account number, and the next two are the loan suffix. Use this information and the loan account structure to identify your full loan account number for Bill Pay.




Free Credit Report

Your credit report is key for so many things, from financing major purchases to applying for a job. Regularly checking your credit report also helps you prevent identity theft. 

Did you know you that could receive a free copy of your credit report every year? Visit to see if you’re eligible for a free copy of your credit report today.

Additional Resources

Financial Essentials is the U.S. government’s website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are planning to buy a home, balancing your checkbook or investing in your 401k, the resources on can help you do it better.

Pocket Cents is an NCUA site dedicated to helping youth, tweens and teens, young adults, parents and educators, families, older Americans, and servicemembers learn how to make smarter financial decisions for a stronger, brighter future.

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