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A Memorial Tribute to TVFCU employee Lisa Martin

March 26, 2021

A Memorial Tribute to TVFCU employee Lisa Martin

On this journey called life, we sometimes are fortunate enough to encounter a true gem.  Someone who makes an indelible impression on our lives and leaves us better than they found us. Lisa Martin was one of those gems.

We are mindful that many of our members did not have the opportunity to meet and get to know this Lady, that we all called our friend.  Lisa was the face that greeted all who entered the main office of TVFCU. She impacted lives in a positive way on a daily basis.  Her smile was contagious, her laugh was infectious, she had a kind and caring spirit like no other, a heart to help and do whatever she could for anyone she encountered.  One of the great attributes that we all remember about Lisa is the wonderful “hugs” she gave so freely to anyone who needed one (many times you didn’t realize you needed the “hug” until you received it from Lisa. J) 

Losing Lisa suddenly on March 7, 2019, was huge and far reaching for her family, friends, coworkers, TVFCU vendors, delivery people, visitors, members of TVFCU and all who knew her.  Everyone that knew Lisa loved her and would quickly tell you they are a better person for having known her.  Lisa was a gentle, kind, beautiful lady that made an impact on everyone by giving, helping and by having a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness. She did not take anything for granted, and she poured genuine love into all, nurtured all friendships and always found ways to surprise you with something you didn’t see coming!

Lisa’s passing brought an awareness to our TVFCU employees that we wanted to share with our members.  It is important to take care of your health and cherish each day.  Lisa lost her life to the number one killer of women – a cardiovascular event.  Heart Disease continues to be on the rise and is often considered a silent killer for women due to the fact many times women do not recognize the subtle symptoms.  Therefore, the symptoms are often dismissed.  The day before her cardiovascular event, Lisa was at work laughing and carrying on with co-workers.  One employee even caught her laughter on video that day as it was so joyful.  All seemed right in our small corner of the world.

Scott Kaczmarowski a TVFCU employee said it well regarding Lisa’s passing:  “let it serve as a reminder that life is fragile and precious and too short.” Second, “let it be a call to action to take care of yourself in terms of your own health needs.” 

Lisa truly cared for her co-workers and considered all TVFCU employees part of her family. The last words we would hear as we left the office each day would be from Lisa. She never failed to say, “take care and be careful!” 

Help us honor her today by choosing to make a positive impact on those around you. Live your life to the fullest every day. Exercise, eat right and be mindful of your health. 

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