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Congratulations Graduates

April 30, 2021

Congratulations Graduates

Happy Days!

Just a few more weeks and thousands of young people will be celebrating their hard work and achievements. Yes, it is that time of year when graduation from high school or college brings a lot of joy to families celebrating this momentous occasion.

Traditional Gifts

Graduation invitations are sent out and in return there usually comes an envelope from grandparents, aunts and uncles in the form of a check or just good old cash. This of course makes everyone happy. But these days why not send your favorite grad a little extra something. Have you ever thought about a gift that can help teach financial literacy? It is really no secret that we do not teach kids enough about finances while they are growing up.

It’s Reality

Student loan debt has soared into the billions of dollars. One survey says 69% of college students took out student loans and they graduated with an average debt of $29,900. Why not take it upon yourself and with that gift of money give them something that teaches them all about building a strong financial foundation.

Some smart ideas

There are a ton of great books on the market that cover all the basic aspects of personal finance from budgeting to investing. How about inspirational rags to riches stories that tell the power of perseverance to achieve in life. Men and women who overcame adversity to become wealthy entrepreneurs. A cool idea is to give the graduate a financial software system that helps users create great money saving habits. You can always give your graduate a jump start on watching their money grow as they save for retirement. A Roth IRA grows tax free. Promise to make contributions each year or until they are working full time. Then teach them to continue the process of paying themselves first. Check out for current rates or call TVFCU for more information.

A hot idea

Don’t laugh at this idea. What about giving your graduate a series of cooking lessons for a present?  Let’s face the facts, most people do not like to cook. This could be a great way to teach basic cooking skills on a budget. The young chef can also learn about nutrition and eating healthy. And for the graduate who has very little home fix-it skills, why not give them a toolbox with all the basic supplies inside. A hammer, screwdriver, Duct tape, nails, tape measure etc. Think of the money they could save instead of calling someone to come and fix the problem.

Financial Power

Whatever you give your graduate for a present, remember that education is power. And when it comes to financial education, now that’s a gift that can last a lifetime. Congratulations graduates!

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