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TVFCU Black Business Month - Baker's Barber & Cosmetology College

August 13, 2021

A cut above
Tim Baker was just a kid when he was introduced to the art of cutting hair. A neighborhood friend was out on his front lawn cutting anyone’s hair that passed by that summer morning. Timothy stopped and took in the incredible hairdo spectacle. Tim knew immediately he was destined to become the next great stylist. He knew his flair with hair was something he could teach others to enjoy. And the rest is history. The story is so good, we will tell it again!

Baker’s Barber & Cosmetology College
Tim can’t remember the neighbor’s name who first introduced him to the world of curls and crewcuts. But if this unknown scissor hands would walk into Baker’s Barber & Cosmetology College on Brainerd Road, Tim would no doubt thank him for being such a great role model. Tim has always lived by this motto, “Changing the world, one haircut at a time.”  With family support, and a positive attitude filled with lots of tonics and gels, becoming a barber and teacher were definitely a clear cut choice for a profession.

Take a little off on top
So, Tim became a barber. He passed all the Tennessee state requirements and began working at several haircutting shops throughout Chattanooga. After 15 plus years of cutting for others, Tim decided it was best to gather up his hair clippers and shavers and venture out on his own. Becoming his own boss, and teaching the art of barbering to others, was just the thing he always dreamed of doing. Welcome to Baker’s Barber & Cosmetology College.

The school do
These days, becoming a first class barber is all about color, texture, skincare and personal grooming that makes a barber first class. Tim will tell each student who enrolls in his college that there is nothing easy about cutting hair. After completing 1500 class hours and then passing the Board of Barbering exam, a student will then be ready to head out on their own and put up their official barber’s poll.

TVFCU and an investment in hair
Someone once said, “Invest in your hair, you wear it every day.” Well that is exactly what Tim was hoping when he met with the folks in the TVFCU Business and Commercial Services team. A small business loan was all that Tim needed to open up his school. Huge classrooms full of salon chairs, mannequin styling heads, hair dryers, synthetic wigs, clippers, bottles of shampoo and conditioner and of course lots of mirrors now line his school that has seen hundreds of graduates who are now part of this school’s hair of fame! 

Have a good hair day
Tim understands when you need financial help it’s worth finding a credit union like TVFCU that not only connects personally with your dreams and goals, but makes sure to stay with you through the long-haul. It is all about believing in the person and the community they serve.

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