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Football Season is Here

September 13, 2021

It’s Football Time!!!

The official start of fall is weeks away and although the sun makes temperatures reach into the upper 80’s and low 90’s, it is officially football season. No need for that windbreaker or sweater just yet. Shorts and flip-flops will do just fine, especially if you love to tailgate on Saturdays.

Living in the South

The south is renowned for its love of everything football. While pigskin fanatics cannot get enough of all the action, you need to realize that when it comes to tailgating, a recent statistic shows only 11% of fans actually partake of this pregame ritual. (Fun Fact: Although footballs are still referred to as “pigskins,” nowadays all pro and collegiate footballs are actually made with cowhide leather.)

Mouth of the South

The most popular food items served at tailgating parties include hot dogs, burgers and wings. The most consumed beverages are beer and sweet tea. Yes, people have tried each year to make their tailgate soirees special and of course outdo the other team’s fans. People now serve chicken and waffle skewers, sweet potato chips and blue cheese dressing, mini buffalo chicken pies, mini chili cheese dogs, buffalo chicken pizza, pastry sliders and of course pull apart pretzels and beer cheese dip.

Give Me a “T”

Give me a “T” for these all-important tailgating facts. According to the Tailgating Institute, tailgating hosts will spend between $200 and $500 to prepare for the big outdoor party in the parking lot. Most hosts and hostesses spend about three to four hours in the kitchen getting ready for the big event. The average age of those attending these parking lot parties is between 25 and 44. Also, more men go to tailgating parties than women. The institute puts that number at 79%. One more fact about tailgating. These dedicated football fans who go to a tailgating bash are 77% more likely to buy popular sports apparel like hats, shirts, car flags etc.

The End Zone

The tailgating party is over and fans are now either in their seats at the stadium or sitting in front of the TV at home. If you ask most football fans, they will tell you all about pre-game rituals they perform to help their teams win. Below are some of the more unusual superstitions.

  1. “The house must be clean or my team will lose.”
  2. “I must keep the cellphone in my left pocket.”
  3. “I must wear special green socks on game day.”
  4. “I refuse to eat Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It brings bad luck.”
  5. “Every time my team is about to score, I gotta stand up.”

Game Day Essentials

One more thing I forgot to mention. Before heading to the game or grocery store for the tailgating party. Don’t forget to use your TVFCU debit card. If you are out of town or not near one of our branches, make sure to find the surcharge-free C0-OP ATMS that are located coast to coast. Go to and get your money without paying those high fees.



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