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TVFCU Offers Valentines Day Tips for Celebrating with Children

February 11, 2022

TVFCU Offers Valentines Day Tips for Celebrating with Children

While Valentine’s Day candy and decorations start showing up on store shelves in late December, February is officially here. Here are a five tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day with children.

Decorate Your Home

Adding pops of seasonal decor is a great way to brighten your home, which is especially important during winter when we spend so much time indoors. Invite your children to help decorate and teach them about money along the way. Give them cash and tell them that they can buy their favorite Valentine’s Day-themed items to decorate the house and their bedroom. They’ll like the independence of picking out the decorations and learning about buying restrictions.

Have a Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot

Create memories this February with a fun, Valentine’s Day photo shoot. Add Valentine’s Day props like heart-shaped balloons, heart-shaped glasses or silk flowers. Create a homemade backdrop featuring heart shapes and balloons. Or make a hug-booth from craft crates and wooden dowels. The pictures will also be great to share with grandparents with a handcrafted Valentine card.

Create Valentine’s Day Crafts

Spend a rainy afternoon making Valentine’s Day crafts with items you have around home. Make a Valentine’s Day garland by cutting pieces of paper or felt and stringing them together. Another craft idea is for a custom flower vase for those Valentine’s Day flowers. Start by washing out an empty jar. Then make a heart-shaped stamp from a sponge or potato. Dip the stamp into paint and paint your jar. Once dry, tie a ribbon around the top. Look online for other Valentine’s Day crafts.

Shower Children with Kindness Notes

Write simple notes with words of kindness and appreciation for your children. “Great job cleaning your room.” “I love that you are so kind to your brother.” “Thank you for helping with dinner last night.” “I love that you always try your best.” Add the notes to their lunch box or leave them in an area where they will find them. You can write notes every day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Show Children Money Grows

Just like your love for your children grows and grows, so does the interest on a TVFCU savings account. To open an account under the child's or teen’s name, present a Birth Certificate and Social Security Card at the time of opening. Visit your local TVFCU branch or for quick service, consider using the tvfcuLIVE Stream App from the comfort of your home and video chat with a TVFCU personal agent.

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