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Phishing Scam Targeting Our Area

September 8, 2023

We have received reports of a potential scam targeting our community. Many members have reported receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be representatives of TVFCU. The scammers do not know the members bank at TVFCU; they are likely calling a list of phone numbers they know serve the Chattanooga area and are hoping to come across members who will then give up their information.

Scam details:

The member receives a call claiming to be from TVFCU. The phone number on Caller ID might even show TVFCU, as the scammers have the ability to spoof a phone number. The scammer then requests login information for online banking accounts, including passwords. We want to reassure you that TVFCU takes your security seriously, and we will never call you and ask for your online banking password over the phone.

The scammers have also asked for personal and account information. If they are successful in acquiring the login and password, they then attempt to transfer funds out of the member's account, sometimes costing members thousands of dollars.

What to do if you've fallen victim:

If you have received a call recently where you shared any of your online banking details, including your password, please contact us directly at 423-634-3600 so that we can take necessary steps to safeguard your accounts and personal information.

How to avoid being a victim of this scam:

Remember, staying vigilant is crucial in protecting yourself from scams. Do not disclose sensitive information to anyone over the phone unless you have verified the legitimacy of the request. If you receive a call claiming to be from TVFCU, one way to verify its legitimacy is to get the name of the person you are speaking with, and then let them know you will call them back. Then, call a number you know belongs to TVFCU, 423-634-3600, and ask to speak with that individual.

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