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YOUR$ Budgeting Tools Are the Replacement You Need for

November 30, 2023

YOUR$ Budgeting Tools Are the Replacement You Need for

Think back to the days of, known for its game-changing financial tools. Here's the latest: Intuit, the parent company, is shutting down Mint.comin January of 2024. But if you're a TVFCU member, no need to look elsewhere; YOUR$ Digital Banking has you covered.

Unlock Financial Well-being with YOUR$

YOUR$ is your modern financial manager. It neatly sorts all your spending, giving you a clear picture of your financial habits. Check out your financial landscape by visiting the "Financial Planning" section online, specifically under "Spending & Savings Goals."

Tailor Your Financial Categories

YOUR$ makes financial control easy. Correcting charge categories is a breeze with a few clicks. Plus, you can personalize your categories for a more tailored financial experience. You'll be able to view your own charts and spending habits to determine if you truly are putting 30% to housing, 20% to savings, or whatever your goals might be.

Easy Budget Monitoring with YOUR$

Budgeting in an online banking app can be difficult if you are like most people and you spend out of different accounts: multiple checking accounts, a credit card, etc.  Make budgeting a breeze by connecting external accounts to YOUR$. You'll not only be able to see your transactions and balances all in one place, you'll be able to add the spending from other accounts to your Spending categories for a true picture of how much you are spending from all of your accounts.

Track Your Credit Score with YOUR$

YOUR$ isn't just about spending – it also monitors your credit score with Savvy Money. Get insights and tips for improvement, and stay vigilant against identity theft.

Seamless Transition for Simplified Budgeting

Whether you're switching from or you are committed to trying personal finance management for the first time, YOUR$ Digital Banking is your secure and comprehensive financial hub. It's more than banking; it's financial empowerment made easy. Take control of your finances with YOUR$!


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