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Porcupette Naming Contest for Nickel Prickle's Twin Brother

January 29, 2024

Porcupette Naming Contest for Nickel Prickle's Twin Brother

The zoo currently has one family of African Cape porcupines. Tommy and Pookie Prickles had their first daughter – Penny Prickles (which TVFCU personnel had the honor of naming.) Now, TVFCU and the Chattanooga Zoo are excited to announce that the Prickles family has a set of twin brother porcupettes (the official term for baby porcupine). One of the brothers has been named Nickel Prickles by the zoo, and we’re accepting name suggestions from the public for Nickel's twin brother!

Submissions will close at 5 p.m. on Monday, February 5. After that, TVFCU’s employees will vote to determine the best five names submitted. Then, TVFCU will host public polls on @tvfcu social media accounts to let the community decide which of the top five names will be chosen!

If your name is chosen, you will receive a year-long family membership to the Chattanooga Zoo!

Enter at: https://tvfcu.wufoo.com/forms/rrni33m1w7tog6/

Contest Rules:

  • If multiple people submit the same name, whoever submitted first will receive credit for the idea
  • No late entries will be accepted
  • Entries must be submitted via the form above to be considered valid
  • The winner will be contacted via email, so please provide a valid email address you check regularly
  • The porcupine’s name will be announced on February 19
  • TVFCU employees and members of the same household are eligible to enter
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