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2023 Tax Season Preparation

January 30, 2024

The end of January signals that it is time to start gathering important tax documents. TVFCU makes the following tax statements available to members based on account types or transactions performed during the last tax year.

1098: Mortgage Statement will be supplied by TruHome.
1099-A: Acquisition or Abandonment of Secured Property
1099-C: Cancellation of Debt
1099-HSA: Health Savings Accounts
1099-INT: Interest Income (If interest accrued during the last tax year is less than $10, members won’t receive 1099-INT.)
1099-Q: Payments from Qualified Education Programs
1099-R: Distributions for Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance, Contracts, and More
5498: IRA Contribution Information
5498-ESA: Coverdell ESA Contribution Information
5498-SA: HSA, Archer MSA or Medicare Advantage MSA Information

Please note that for YOUR$ Digital Banking, all forms, including eStatements, HELOC statements, and any tax related forms will be available only to the primary account holder. 

How to View Paper Tax Statement

If you registered to receive paper statements, be on the lookout for your tax statement in your mail. Statements were mailed at the end of January.

How to View Tax Statement PDFs through the eStatements Portal in YOUR$:

If you registered to receive paperless eStatements, your tax statement PDF is available through logging into YOUR$ Digital Banking.

  1. After logging in to YOUR$ Digital Banking,
  2. Hover over “Accounts” then click “eStatements”
  3. Once in the eStatements portal, look under the blue bar with a calculator icon “Tax Statements.”
  4. Click on your desired Statement type and date for review and download.

How to view Account Specific Tax Information in YOUR$:

  1. After logging into YOUR$ Digital Banking,
  2. Hover over “Accounts” in the top navigation, then click “Accounts”
  3. Click on “Tax Information” tab
  4. Members will see Year-to-Date totals, Dividends Earned, and Interest Paid.

How to Update Email Address:

Paper statements will also be mailed for members who signed up for eStatements but have an incorrect email address. There are two ways to navigate to update your email address in YOUR$ Digital Banking.

(1) Log In, hover over “Tools” in the top navigation, then click “Settings”. Within settings, click “Contact” and then the edit pencil by Email Address.

(2) Log in to YOUR$ Digital Banking. Click on the avatar icon in the top right corner of the YOUR$ dashboard. In the Settings menu, click “Contact”. 

You can also update your email address by calling the tvfcuLIVE Line at (423) 634-3600 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday or activate a video banking session through desktop or mobile app.

How to Know Your Full Account Number  

When completing direct deposit information, it is important to include your full account number and routing number. Check out the “Account Numbers Simplified Guide.” And if you have any questions, feel free to call 423-634-3600 or video chat through our tvfcuLIVE Steam video banking tool for desktop or mobile device.

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Video Banking

Thank you for contacting tvfcuLIVE Stream.

Video Banking is currently closed, but please check back during our business hours to speak with a tvfcuLIVE Stream Personal Consultant.