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Behind the Scenes at A Place for All of Us

February 14, 2023

Behind the Scenes at A Place for All of Us

Behind the Scenes at a Place for All of Us

In 2022 we introduced our vision for TVFCU, A Place for All of Us.  But every Super Bowl is another opportunity to take it to the next level, to entertain, and to show our community something special.  So for 2023 we presented a series of ads that point to the benefits of our services for our members: Speedy Car Loans, Mortgage Savings, and Video Chat.  And we took our now beloved mascots along for the ride . . . but why not have a little fun in the process?  In 2022 we introduced just a touch of behind-the-scenes work on the stop-motion animation that brings our characters to life.

Helping hands give Finney the Firefly a lift to show off the TVFCU LIVEStream App, whre you can chat with TVFCU from your couch.

These friendly ads incorporated the affable voice of locally-born and nationally renowned comedian, Karen Mills.  Beep beep!

Building a house for Robin to illustrate our mortgage savings.


Why place ads in the Big Game?

The Super Bowl boasts over a hundred million viewers – the largest audience of any show every year.  And national spots go for millions.  But here locally, we are able to claim spots with our local networks for much less. One reason is because our focus is local, so our spots only need to show in our 17-counties.  We also have a wonderful, year-round relationship with our local networks that affords us the opportunity.  And lastly, we know that our community would love to see their local businesses featured in the biggest television event of the season and we are very happy to accommodate. 

Moreover, our partnership with the creative minds at Fancy Rhino, a local creative agency and sanctuary for artists, transcends mere marketing; it's about weaving together messaging and artistry to craft something truly meaningful. Through captivating stop-motion animation by the talented team at See Creature Productions, our mascots traverse the lush forests and vibrant cityscapes of Chattanooga, embodying the spirit of unity and resilience that defines our community.

At TVFCU, we are more than a financial institution—we are stewards of community, owned by the very people we serve. Together, we forge a future where everyone has a place—a future where TVFCU remains A Place for All of Us.

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