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TVFCU, as a not-for-profit financial cooperative, exists to enhance and improve the lives of our members in the 17 counties we serve in Tennessee and Georgia. As a part of this, we engage with and provide sponsorships for nearly 100 nonprofits each year.

Our four primary areas of focus help us choose which sponsorship opportunities to participate in and work to ensure that our efforts provide tangible benefits to communities in our service area. Due to the large number of nonprofits in the communities we serve, TVFCU is unable to fulfill all sponsorship requests. Learn more about our areas of focus and sponsorship process here.

See below for some examples of TVFCU's community involvment. 

Community Involvement


Financial Literacy

TVFCU endeavors to support the educational and financial wellbeing of our membership and to stimulate economies across Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. The credit union works with the following organizations to support these goals:



Community-wide Initiatives

TVFCU works with organizations that are dedicated to enhancing our community along with improving people’s overall quality of life. These may include holiday celebrations, parades, local fairs, outdoor festivals, music events and more.




TVFCU works to foster a community where entrepreneurs and innovators thrive. In addition to our Idea Leap Loan and Idea Leap Grant programs, which have injected over $5 million into the local small business ecosystem, TVFCU supports several collaborators in this area.



DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)

At TVFCU, we are committed to supporting organizations that reflect the diverse communities we serve. With an unwavering desire to be a leader in diversity and inclusion, we work with a variety of organizations that bolster a culture of innovation, empowerment, economic mobility, equity and inclusion.

A few of our sponsorships and partnerships include:




Does TVFCU provide scholarships?

While the credit union does not directly offer academic scholarships, we do finance scholarships managed by several organizations in the community.

List of collaborators:


Learn More or Request a Sponsorship

To see what TVFCU is up to in your community, visit our events page. You can also follow the credit union on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn for more information and updates.

To learn more and to submit a sponsorship request for consideration, visit our Sponsorship Application page here

Denial of qualified organizations is not a judgement on the worthiness of the requestor. TVFCU cannot fulfill all sponsorship requests due to limitations surrounding budget, timing and other factors. We currently serve 17 counites with over 175,000 credit union members. These counties contain over 240 county schools (not including private schools and homeschool groups) and well over 7,000 nonprofits, making for a competitive sponsorship landscape. TVFCU strives to stay active in every community we serve through sponsorships with organizations that demonstrate widespread impact and have a history of stability. 

Additionally, past participation is not a gurantee for future funding.

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