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Sharing the Magic of a Place for All of Us

February 12, 2024

Sharing the Magic of a Place for All of Us

Sharing the Magic of a Place for All of Us

In 2024, the time had come for our team to embark on a thrilling new journey, a journey that would unveil the enchantment of our beloved home to all. Mr. P and Buck the Beaver set out on an exhilarating ride filled with clues, each one pointing to the wonders of our 17-county community. Did you catch all the references? From the iconic pier and riverfront, soon to host the TVFCU Riverfront Nights, to the majestic dome building and the grandeur of the Westin hotel—every landmark tells a story of our vibrant community.

Next the TVFCU Logo button kicks off the ride, which is hosted by a TVFCU Mascot from the 1980s: Captain Hoot the wise owl.

Through a landscape adorned with native pink Tennessee Coneflowers, we journey with Mr. & Mrs. Fox past Lookout Mountain and Ruby Falls, as the train riders descend the Incline Railway.

Mr. & Mrs. Fox drive their auto past our famous scenery

Tucked in their cozy nest, Robin's family indulges in sweet Georgia Peaches from Peaches the Mouse, while the Tennessee trees sway gently in the breeze—a testament to the exquisite cel animation style brought to life by the talented Emmy award-winning animators at Giant Ant.

Chickamauga honey bees . .  . what else do you see?

Our adventurers float in a dream-like state through famous Chattanooga items, landing softly in our Tennessee River to share our message with all of our community – we’re all here to Share the Magic.

There’s magic in the YOUR$ App, and a whole lot of fun

But the magic doesn't stop there. In our second cel animation adventure, we’ll visit Mr. P's "nest," and preparations for a joyous gathering are underway. From purchasing the perfect cake and setting the mood with music to securing refreshing Peach Juice, Mr. P finds himself captivated by the beauty of a disco ball—a delightful surprise that fits perfectly within his YOUR$ App budget.

Planning your budget is important, YOUR$ Digital Banking makes it easy.

And while it may seem incredible that Grammy-winning artists like the B-52s would lend their song to a financial institution, they saw what TVFCU is about as a community credit union and were happy to make it happen.

Love Mr. P’s debit card?  New card designs are coming soon!

Why these ads in the Big Game?

With over a hundred million viewers, the Super Bowl offers unparalleled reach, and while national spots come with a hefty price tag, our focus on our local community allows us to secure airtime within our 17-county region at a fraction of the cost. Our longstanding relationship with local networks ensures our presence during the biggest television event of the year—a platform we utilize to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of our community.

Our collaboration with Fancy Rhino, a local creative agency, transcends mere marketing; it's a celebration of artistry and community spirit. Through the timeless technique of cel animation, we breathe life into our beloved Tennessee Valley, sharing its magic.

At TVFCU, we're more than just a financial institution—we're champions of community, guided by the people we serve. Together, we envision a future where everyone belongs—a future where TVFCU remains A Place for All of Us.

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