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America Saves Week

April 8, 2024

America Saves Week, an annual celebration since 2007, aims to inspire and empower Americans to save for a better future. Running from April 8 to April 12, 2024, each day focuses on different saving goals on our social media platforms. Here's what to expect:

Monday: Saving Automatically Kick starting the week, we emphasize that saving is more than just reaching a goal—it's a lifestyle. Automation, through methods like direct deposit or auto-transfers, makes saving effortless and consistent, helping individuals steadily progress toward achievable milestones. Discover the simple steps for setting up transfers, with TVFCU's YOUR$ Transfers tools.

Tuesday: Saving For the Unexpected on Day 2, we tackle the cornerstone of financial stability: the emergency fund. By reshaping how we view and prepare for unexpected expenses, participants learn to boost their emergency funds through automatic contributions while reflecting on their financial priorities and setting clear savings goals.

Wednesday: Saving for Major Milestones Day 3 focuses on navigating the path towards significant life milestones while managing everyday expenses. Strategies include breaking down big goals into manageable steps, creating a budget that balances short-term needs and long-term savings, and prioritizing high-interest debt repayment.

Thursday: Paying down Debt is Saving Day 4 underscores the importance of debt reduction in fostering financial stability. Participants gain insights into crafting effective debt repayment strategies, improving credit scores, and understanding credit reports.

Friday: Saving at any Age as the week concludes, participants are encouraged to reflect on their financial status and set achievable goals. Breaking the taboo around money conversations, we urge open discussions with family members of all ages, sharing financial journeys and aspirations, and considering opening savings accounts aligned with current priorities. Join us for a week of financial empowerment and building a brighter future through saving.

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