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Online24 Mobile App Introduces Touch ID®

December 21, 2016

Forgo typing your password when you log in to your account through the Online24 Mobile App. Now, all you need is your fingerprint thanks to the latest mobile app update that features Touch ID® for iPhone users.

In addition, another new feature is multitasking. This gives you the ability to temporarily leave the app and go back to the Online24 Mobile App without being signed out. With this update, you can toggle back and forth between the Online24 Mobile App and the calculator or another app without leaving the session.

To access the most recent updates, download the latest version of the Online24 Mobile App through the iOS App Store. Then to enable Touch ID®, simply go to the “More” tab once logged in and select “Touch ID Settings.”

Please note that Touch ID® is only available for iPhone users. We hope to have an equivalent of the Android feature soon.

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