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TVFCU Creates Faster, More Convenient Loan Process with (423) 634-LOAN

July 09, 2018

We know that applying for a loan is a big deal. Whether you need extra cash to help cover an emergency home repair or to purchase a larger-ticket item like a car, we understand that those are important decisions. They are things that you have crunched the numbers on and discussed to make sure you are making a savvy investment. Sometimes you can work a visit to the branch into your schedule, but other times you need to act quickly.

We get it, so we have created (423) 634-LOAN to provide you quicker replies and faster turnaround times. 

Simply call (423) 634-LOAN to speak directly with a loan originator who is working from our new Central Lending Center, located at our main office in downtown Chattanooga. The loan originator will work with you to ensure that you know about the various loan products and help you select the best one to meet your needs. Since all loan decisions are made locally, decisions are quick.

To help expedite your process, loan originators suggest that you have your salary, loan amount and payoff amount (if requesting a vehicle refinance) ready.

And depending on the type of loan, you may not even have to visit the branch because we can do secure electronic signings.

The next time you need a loan — remember to call (423) 634-LOAN for great rates and quicker replies.

We look forward to serving you!

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