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TVFCU Offers Five Tips for Back-to-School Shopping Savings

July 30

This back-to-school season will be memorable because, for most, it will be in-person. According to the 2019 Huntington Backpack Index, parents pay more $1,000 for back-to-school supplies. This includes around $750 for technology. Early reports estimate the cost of back-to-school shopping will be more in 2021 due to supply shocks to U.S. manufacturing suppliers and an abruptly heightened demand for consumer goods, including school supplies. 

Here are five tips to help your wallet with back-to-school shopping! 

Take Inventory of Existing Supplies
Before you start shopping — whether online or in-person — make a list of existing supplies. Do you have supplies left from last year? Check the status of gear that can be reused like lunchboxes, backpacks, clothes, sports equipment and such. 

Make a List
Just like when you go grocery shopping, it is better to have a list, and especially, if you are shopping with children. It just prevents impulse buying. A list will also help when they ask for a new backpack, but theirs from last year is still in great condition. School have different methods for releasing their school supply list. Check with your school or sign up at

Be Savvy
Why pay full-price when you can save? Look for deals. Follow major retailers on social media to learn about their back-to-school sales. Also, take advantage of a TVFCU Perks Checking Account. The TVFCU Perks Checking Account has numerous benefits, ranging from cellphone protection to roadside assistance. But a favorite is the Shop Local, Save Local app that is chocked full of discounts on everyday purchases from area restaurants, coffee shops, oil change shops to entertainment. 

Be Strategic
Most institutions from daycares to colleges, offer a discount for paying in advance. If you are able, take advantage by paying early. If you need help making ends meet for back-to-school, TVFCU offers Sallie Mae® Student Loans. 

Take Advantage of Tax-Free Weekend
Look for tax-free weekends as well. Friday, July 30-Sunday, Aug. 1 is the tax-free weekend in Tennessee. Learn more here. Unfortunately, Georgia hasn’t participated in tax-free weekend the last few years. However, Georgia residents can always take a short trip to a neighboring state, like Tennessee, to take advantage of no-sales-tax savings. Take advantage of those savings and create a mini-supply area of school supplies.

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