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Fake Text Message Scam Warning

October 10, 2023

We wanted to bring to your attention an important alert regarding a fake TVFCU text message scam that has recently come to our attention. Individuals in our community (member and non-member) have reported receiving text messages with links that appear to lead to our new YOUR$ login page. However, we want to emphasize that these messages are part of a scam, and the links do not lead to our secure website.

Be extremely cautious and refrain from clicking on any such links. Please note this example of a scam text claiming to be from TVFCU. This text is not from us.

TVFCU will never request sensitive information through text messages or ask you to provide personal or financial details via text. The only safe way to log in to your account, is through our tvfcu.com website or YOUR$ mobile app login. 

Your security is our top priority, and we want to ensure that your financial information remains protected.

If you fell victim to this scam please update your YOUR$ password immediately and contact TVFCU at 423-634-3600, 7am to 7pm to secure your accounts. If you ever receive suspicious messages or have concerns about the security of your account, please reach out to our tvfcuLIVE Line or tvfcuLIVE Stream team.

Thank you for your vigilance and cooperation in helping us maintain the security of your TVFCU accounts. Together, we can work to keep your financial information safe from fraudsters. Go to our informative website about scams to learn more.

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