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Get ready for a game-changing online and mobile banking experience with YOUR$ Business from TVFCU!

Say goodbye to clunky account management and hello to modern, seamless banking at your fingertips! Whether you're on your computer, phone, tablet, or any smart device, YOUR$ (said "Your Money") business digital banking offers an easy-to-use interface with customizable navigation that fits your needs. 

"Digital Banking" is a term that covers Online Banking AND Mobile Banking - and that's why we call it YOUR$ Business Digital Banking; you'll enjoy most of the same features and tools whether you're online or on your mobile phone!

But that's not all – YOUR$ Business is your one-stop-shop for all your business financial needs! With YOUR$ Business online and mobile banking, you can bring all your accounts from TVFCU and other financial institutions under one roof, giving you a comprehensive view of your finances. Manage your spending, check balances, make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks, and even create reports to help reconcile your business finances, all in one place!

Embrace YOUR$ Business today and take control of your business like never before! Additional YOUR$ Business features include: ACH/Payroll platform, remote deposit capture and wire origination. Qualification and additional fees for these features may apply.

Leading up to the launch of the YOUR$ Business online and mobile banking, be sure to do the following:

Two-Factor Re-enroll process when first logging in to YOUR$ digital banking

When YOUR$ launches, please use your current tvfcuONLINE banking username and password to log in. You'll need to enter a one-time passcode that can be sent by phone or text. You will then be prompted to re-enter your existing tvfcuONLINE banking password to register it with the new YOUR$ digital banking platform. You may need to create a new password if your current one does not meet our new password criteria. After this process, you will have full access to all the amazing money management experiences awaiting you! 

Re establish Quickbooks/ Quicken/ Intuit products

Current ACH Originators and Quickbook users have been sent "Action Required" notices. You can consult the Quickbooks information guides, provided as a courtesy to understand the steps you will need to take to disconnect on August 21, and reconnect after the upgrade launch after the morning of the August 22.

Know Your EIN- Suggested resources to find your business EIN:

TN Department of Revenue Tax Account Number search: Business owners can enter credentials such as their SSN; this resource generates reports that may include the EIN

IRS Lost or Misplaced EIN: contains instructions on what to do if the EIN is lost/misplaced.

Business owners may also consult with their accountant or tax documents.

Q. Does the term "Digital Banking" mean this has to do with Digital Currency?

A. No, the term Digital Banking refers to both Online Banking and the Mobile App.  YOUR$ Online and YOUR$ Mobile replaces tvfcuONLINE and tvfcuMOBILE into one platform that has all the same features whether on your computer or mobile device, and that's why we call it YOUR$ Digital Banking.

Q: What can I do to ensure a smooth transition to the new online banking platform?

A: If you are not already enrolled in mobile or online banking, please Enroll Now. For members already enrolled in online and mobile banking, please make sure you have updated your contact information in the current online banking platform.  Know your current credentials and full business EIN. Be sure to read all communications and perform any of the required actions to ensure a smooth transition.

Q: Where can I find my full Business EIN?

A: The Internal Revenue Service generates and issues EINs. You may locate your EIN on the computer-generated noticed issued by the IRS. You may also reference previously filed tax returns for your entitiy, which will contain your EIN. If you are unable to locate these documents, please call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933.

Q: I used to be able to see both my personal and business accounts on the dashboard. Why can't I see both?

A: Under the new YOUR$ platform, you'll have separate account and member numbers for your consumer and business accounts. For your personal account, please login on (check out this page for instructions on logging in to YOUR$ for the first time as an individual account holder or joint owner.)

For your business account, please click "Enroll Now" and follow the prompts to register your business account. After that, contact TVFCU's business services department at 423-634-3600. They can link your accounts, allowing you to view them all at the same time like before.

Please note that consumer and business accounts may be linked to business logins. Business accounts may not be linked to consumer accounts. Please reach out to the business services department at 423-634-3600 if you have questions about linking business and consumer accounts.

Q: Will my tvfcuONLINE login and password change?

A. Your username will remain the same, your password will need to be re-entered, but you may choose the same password you used previously as long as the password requirements are met.

Q: What is the process for first-time converted users?

A: Simply enter in your current tvfcuONLINE username and password. Follow the prompts to confirm your identity. 

Q: I previously set up a sub-user. How can I give them access again?

A: Once your primary enrollment is complete, you can create roles and permissions for your subuser within YOUR$. They will be emailed a link to complete their enrollment.

Q: How do I access the mobile app?

A:  App users will need to download the new YOUR$ app. This will replace tvfcuMOBILE.

 - Look for the distinctive TVFCU logo -- a circle with teal waves at the top and an orange segment below, with "tvfcu" in black letters.

- Apple users will find it in the App Store as "tvfcuYOUR$"

- Android users will find it in Google Play as "tvfcuYOURMONEY"

***TVFCU has three mobile apps:

1) YOUR$ - TVFCU’s comprehensive mobile banking platform

2) TVFCU Perks - Allows members to take advantage of the discounts and deals associated with TVFCU Perks Checking accounts

3) tvfcuLIVEStream - Enables members to video chat with our personal consultants

Q: Will the link to QuickBooks be interrupted?

A: Yes. The link to QuickBooks will be interrupted beginning August 21th but reconnection access is expected to be established for all users on or before August 29th. Action required instructions for each product can be found on our website. It is important to disconnect your accounts from the old URL and reconnect to the new one on August 29th due to a URL change for QuickBooks.

Q: What happens if members don’t deactivate the current online banking connection to QuickBooks?

A: Members will need to deactivate the current online banking connection and establish a new registration and connection to QuickBooks. Otherwise, duplication of accounts in QuickBooks may occur.

Q: I need to export my transactions into my business account manager (Quickbooks) but I do not see a QXB file, what do I do?

A: YOUR$ will have an OFX file option. This will replace the QXB file. Make sure you only load one account at a time in a file and the date is reflective of the last time you exported transactions.

Q: How do I disconnect and reconnect my QuickBooks account?

A:  Click here for instructional videos demonstrating how to disconnect and reconnect your QuickBooks account.

Additional online QuickBooks Support from Intuit:

Q: Will payments scheduled through Bill Pay be processed during this time?

A: Bill Pay services will be temporarily unavailable from August 12th at approximately 7:00 PM through August 22nd.  While pre-scheduled payments during this time will proceed as planned, members will not be able to setup new payments within Bill Pay. We strongly recommend scheduling payments due between August 13th-29th prior to August 13th. After August 22nd, members may log in to the new system and verify that your merchants and payments carried over correctly, verify scheduled payments are in place, and set up any new payments.

Q: I opened an account on or after August 14th. Can I enroll my account for online banking?

A: You may enroll in online banking on or after August 22nd

Q: Will tvfcuONLINE and tvfcuMOBILE be affected?

A: Yes, both tvfcuONLINE and tvfcuMOBILE will be unavailable after 7:00 PM on August 21st through late morning August 22nd.

Q: How will mobile deposit be affected?

A: Mobile Deposit will have a different look and feel. Additionally, mobile deposits will post once the check has been reviewed by credit union staff rather than having to wait for a posting window once per day.

Q: Will I have to re-enroll in e-Statements?

A: No, your enrollment in e-Statements will remain active through the conversion to YOUR$.

Q: What benefits and features can I expect for my business account with the new online banking platform?

A: Business members will enjoy a range of complimentary features including reports, debit card controls, and the ability to link external accounts to view balances. Additionally, access to our ACH platform, remote deposit capture, and wire origination (subject to qualification and fees) will be available. Most features will be accessible through both the mobile and desktop applications.

Q. What changes will take place for Secure Alerts?

A. Each user will need to set up Secure Alerts, as YOUR$ offers many new alert options that were not previously available.

Q. Will the process for the Internal Transfer Service and Recurring Transfers change?

A. This process will remain largely unchanged, with the exception of semi-monthly recurring transfers. These will be limited to the 1st and 15th of each month. An alternative option is to create two separate monthly transactions.

Q. Will accounts I own at other credit unions and banks automatically show in YOUR$?

A. No, synchronization of accounts from external financial institutions is not automatic. You have the option to manually add accounts from other institutions, if desired.

Q: There are two owners in my business, will we both get login credentials?

A: While there will only be one master login, other login credentials can be created by using the subuser feature within Your$ Business.

See All of Your Money in One Place

You'll be able to add accounts from other financial institutions into YOUR$ Business Digital Banking.  Gone are the days you have to log in to multiple sites and services to check your balances and transactions - it can ALL be seen inside TVFCU's YOUR$.

Customizable Dashboard and Reports

You'll be able to move your accounts into your preferred layout for easy access and even create reports to help reconcile your business finances.

Sub-User Logins with Customizable Access

No longer will owners need to share login credentials. Account owners can grant access to a CPA or bookkeeper by creating a role and adding a sub user. Sub-users will use create their own login via an email invite from you after you have selected their access permission - all tailored just for YOUR business needs!

Video Banking

Thank you for contacting tvfcuLIVE Stream.

Video Banking is currently closed, but please check back during our business hours to speak with a tvfcuLIVE Stream Personal Consultant.