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What is Intelligent Authentication?

Intelligent Authentication provides layers of security to help us protect your valuable financial information. It is now a standard part of our online banking and works as part of our commitment to protect you against identity theft and fraud. Intelligent Authentication helps prevent unauthorized access to your accounts by helping us safeguard your information. 

What does Intelligent Authentication consist of?

Intelligent Authentication creates an access signature profile based on your login history. Our site is also built on a layered security framework that meets or exceeds the recommendations of the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC). This includes extensive security to the system that can trigger challenge questions. We urge you to review your challenge questions and update them with answers that you can remember.

How does Intelligent Authentication work?

When you enroll in Online24, you are prompted to select a number of security questions and provide their answers. Our system also builds a profile that will help it identify the computer that you typically use to access your online banking.

How is Intelligent Authentication more secure?

The feature recognizes previous logins on your computer and verifies that you are logging in from your usual location. If it does not recognize the login attempt, it will ask you to further identify yourself by presenting you with a challenge question. 

If I lose my password, how does Intelligent Authentication prevent an unauthorized person from accessing my account? 

The system gives you several tries to correctly enter your password before it locks your account. If you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot Your Password" link to reset your own password. Using the "Forgot Your Password" link will require that you answer two of your security questions. If you cannot remember the answers to your security questions, then you will need to contact the credit union for assistance during regular business hours.

Why do I need to set up challenge questions? 

Security questions and answers are information known only to you. They help prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account information. If someone else has gained access to your user ID and password, then they will not know the answers to your security questions. It is important to choose answers to the security questions that are unique to you and that you will be able to remember.

How do I sign up for Intelligent Authentication?

Signing up for and using Intelligent Authentication is quick, easy and automatic! When you login to Online24 for the first time, you will be prompted to set up your Intelligent Authentication features that include answering several security questions. Please Note: It is important that you select questions and answers that you will remember. If you feel you will not be able to remember the answers, you may want to write down or print this page before you click the "Update Answers" button and keep the information in a locked or secure place.

You also have the ability to change your security information from the Self-Service tab within Online24.

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